News Review 8-26

News Review #1

Story: Cobb schools approve $1.5 million for new Harmony Leland, Clay elementary

Story description:

COBB COUNTY – Ga., The Board of Education approved the $1.5 million project of re-building two elementary schools in order to accommodate the growing population and work toward a new and improved learning environment. The two schools, Harmony Leland Elementary and Clay Elementary, will join and become one student body. There had been several complaints from parents, students, and other members of the community about the flooding, mold, and leaks in both schools. Atlanta based architects from Cunningham Forehand Matthews & Moore Architects are set to work on the project.

Why you selected the story:

I am always really interested in any news dealing with the education system or reform. I saw this headline and was intrigued by the amount of money and wanted to know what the county would be putting that toward and why, especially since a new school year just began. It is good to know that the county was able to pool resources together to rebuild these two elementary schools and create a better learning environment for their students, especially at the elementary level. Schools are a huge part of any community and I think it is important that students feel seen, heard, cared about, and respected. Pumping money into the education system can be motivating and mobilizing for the entire community not just the students and educators.

How was the story used or treated in social media:

AJC tweeted the link on their twitter page, the tweet didn’t generate very much activity, there was only one favorite.

There were no mentions of the story on their Facebook page.


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