Peer Interview Q&A

For six weeks, Maddie Jackson embarked on her UGA study abroad to Paris this summer. Eagerly excited as third year public relations and political science double major, she left with an open heart and mind to what this city had to offer and how she could make the most of her time abroad.

Q: Walk me through how you decided to go to Paris. Were there other cities that you were looking at?

A: Ultimately it came down to the amount of time that we were gonna be spending there. When I saw that Paris was there and we were gonna be there for six weeks I knew that was a good amount of time to learn and also learn the city and its people.

Q: What parts of the city did you stay in?

A: We stayed about 10 to 15 minutes outside of the Eiffel Tower so we were pretty much in the heart of Paris. We were in walking distance to everything, the Eiffel Towel and the Arc de Triomphe.

Q: What did y’all do for fun when y’all didn’t have classes?

A: We definitely tried to visit as many of the big sites as we could right after class. Like we would try to get a certain amount of people to go do homework in front of the tower or go visit The Louvre. We just took in the city as much as we could and we went to so many different cafes and just kind of sat there.

Q: So are the museums there free or how does that work? Were y’all able to go in and out of them?

A: Yeah for The Louvre, it’s kind of cool how in the United States if you’re under 12 then you go into a lot of places for free, but in Europe it’s usually if you’re 26 or under then you get discounted. So almost every museum we went into we got in for free or less than five euros.

Q: How big was the cohort, do you feel like you got to know everyone?

A: Yeah for sure. I think there was 34 of us total and then it just depended. My first class I think there was seven of us in that class and in the second class there was fifteen, I think.

Q: Do y’all still hang out, like your cohort and the people you had classes with?

A: I haven’t yet. I did see two of them the first week of school just like in between classes but I haven’t actively tried to hang out with any of them yet.


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