News Review #2

Story: MLK relative, neighbors robbed in retirement community

Story description:

Last Saturday, a retirement community in southwest Atlanta faced danger as criminals broke into several parked cars. Seniors living in Big Bethel Village said this was not the first incident and are calling for more security and safety measures to be taken. Resident Naomi King, MLK’s sister-in-law, was carjacked at Big Bethel Village last October and reports from Ruth Manson, the resident council president, said that another lady was attacked this past Friday. No one was in their cars at the time of attack, but several items have been reported stolen. The retirement community has a security fence, but residents are saying that improvements such as better lighting and more police patrols are long overdue.

Why you selected the story:

Mainly this story intrigued me because of the headline. Break-ins happen frequently, but the detail about MLK’s relative was interesting. The headline also mentioned this particular break-in was in a retirement community. As I was reading I found it concerning that this wasn’t the first incident and there hasn’t been much intervention or concern from the community to stop it or to make improvements on security and safety. It’s very obvious that the residents don’t feel safe at home and that after several incidents like this they feel at risk. At the end of the article Ruth Manson, the resident council president, was quoted saying that people are always talking about Black Lives Matter but Senior Lives Matter too and it’s important that we recognize that and address it with the same level of urgency as any other group of people that is at risk or feels marginalized.

How was the story used or treated on social media:

There was no mention of this story on AJC’s Facebook or Twitter.



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