News Review #3

Story: Sanders brushes off leaked Clinton criticism

Story description:

Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, shared commentary on former running mate Bernie Sanders’ policies and the audio was leaked. Clinton called Sanders’ policy about free college a false promise and described his supporters as young people who are “children of the Great Recession” – many of which according to Clinton are new to politics and still live with their parents. When asked about Clinton’s comments on his supporters, Sanders was bothered by the comments, but agreed that this was a problem and a primary issue around which he built his campaign. He reiterated that this was his main point – many graduates facing student loans weren’t able to find the jobs they needed and now work jobs that don’t pay them a livable wage.

Why you selected this story:

I chose this story because as Election Day gets closer, the media is constantly bombarding us with new information on the candidates. The Democratic Party has been pretty divided for most of the election, as Sanders had and still has a huge following and did well throughout his campaign and in the primaries. With this new leaked information, we have a little more insight as to what Clinton’s true opinions are with those issues regarding Millennials and their economic opportunities. Much of the underlying tension toward Clinton from Sanders supporters lies in Clinton’s dishonesty and authenticity regarding those issues. Sanders supporters are strong advocates for free college, eliminating student debt and creating jobs for graduates so they can enter the workforce.

How was the story used or treated on social media:

There was no mention of this story on CNN’s Facebook. CNN tweeted about the incident and shared a link to the video of Bernie Sanders’ response to the audio clip.


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