News Review #4

Story: Woman gives birth at Walmart, receives belated baby shower at store

Story description: Earlier this month, Cecilia Rivas, give birth to her son Matias at the local neighborhood Walmart shopping center in Payson, Utah. Close to her due date, she started feeling pains as she was shopping around and her water later broke in the checkout aisle. Both employees and customers assisted with the delivery ensuring a smooth procedure given there was no medical assistance. Yesterday, Rivas returned back to that same Walmart to find that the employees were throwing her a surprise baby shower. Rivas received baby food, clothing, diapers, toys, a stroller and other items to assist her and her newborn.Rivas expressed her gratitude toward the employees for their help during and following the birth.

Why you selected this story: I selected this story because as predictable as birth is, it can still catch people by surprise. I thought it was really interesting that both employees and customers alike were willing to assist and be helpful as she gave birth in the middle of the store. It’s even more unique that they would throw her a surprise baby shower with the store’s merchandise.

How was this treated on social media: There was no mention of the story on AJC’s Twitter or Facebook account.


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