News Review #5

Story: 8,000 march against Trump in Los Angeles

Story description: Following Election Day’s unexpected outcome, many have protested president elect, Donald Trump. Sunday was the fourth day of many “anti-Trump” protests happening in major cities. Over 8,000 protesters took to the streets of LA in opposition to Trump’s policies.The LAPD released a news release thanking the 8,000 protesters for exercising their first amendment rights in peace and unity.

Why you selected this story: I chose this story because I feel like there’s a misunderstanding of why people are protesting. People feel disrespected by discriminatory and hateful rhetoric used during Trump’s campaign and are fearful that his win could legitimize pre-existing bias and incite hateful acts. I also wanted to write on a story that showcases people protesting in unity and peace. It says a lot about the protesters that the LAPD thanked them.

How was this treated on social media:

Facebook: The story was posted to both CNN’s main page and CNN’s politics page

Twitter: The story was tweeted from CNN’s page



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