Broadcast Script

Sex violence, harassment and assault continue to be one of the most pressing issues in America today, especially among students on college campuses.

On November 9th, the University of Georgia hosted a TEDxUGA event showcasing nine students, giving TED talks on innovative ideas to over 500 fellow students in the audience.

Cameron Harris, a fourth year at the University, is president of his own non-profit called Breaking the Shackles – an organization that works to raise awareness and educate the community on sex trafficking and sex violence.

In the two years since he brought his non-profit on campus, his staff members and volunteers have almost tripled in size growing from 15 to over 40 and the organization has hosted live music events each semester and fundraised by hosting percentage nights at local Athens coffee shops.

Harris says that the core value of this organization is community. He hopes that students will be meeting each other at these events and mobilizing each other, encouraging students to continue starting the conversation on topics like these, and actively serve and volunteer with partnering organizations who tangibly fight the cause.



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